Arlington-Belmont Crew is one of a small but growing number of public high school rowing programs in Massachusetts.

Belmont Crew was started in the spring of 2005 by two Belmont High School students who wanted to establish rowing as a recognized team sport in Belmont. With the help of two teachers, each an experienced rower and coxswain, the first Belmont crew team emerged. That first season, there were no races or water practices; instead, students learned rowing techniques on "ergs" (ergometers, or simulated rowing machines) and at MIT's rowing tanks.

In the fall of 2005, Belmont Crew rowed for the first time on the water when Belmont Hill School and Winsor School hosted the club at their boathouse on the Charles River. Our rowers experienced the thrill, and frustrations, of handling an oar and trying to move a boat.

The Club rowed each spring on the Charles River until 2009 when Belmont students joined forces with Arlington High School students to form Arlington-Belmont Crew. The newly formed AB Crew now rows on Spy Pond in both the spring and fall.

We're excited for what the future holds for our growing team!